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I am George Kokkin

Student of Odesa
National Mechnikova University


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Words Learn Helper

Is my first large project, I can see it as a portfolio. The app provides a modern way to study foreign language being a digital vocabulary with ability to write down, group words. The option to do an exam is present in "Tests" section.
Was done with Django, deployed inside Docker container on Amazon Web Services. Built-in Django ORM was used to talk with Postgres database. Almost all CSS styles and JS scripts were written from scratch by myself.

SW API interface

My second practical project that was done (still being developed) with React. An app talks to a remote API and gains information about different persons, planets and starships. Essential React skills are shown within it.

Requests Management System

A tool for managing requests got from html. The request consists of name, surname, email and optional question. The admin is able either to monitor sent requests and reply manually or set up an auto response in case of question absence (email). The app consists of an API (FastAPI) and admin panel (React). Everything is stored on a Postgres database.

Web Quiz

The application allows us to create and pass quizzes. Was built with Django, Docker, Nginx. CSS Bootstrap classes were used for styling. Ornare ut odio quis efficitur. Donec in posuere diam. Nulla malesuada lacus ullamcorper rutrum tristique. Maecenas vel quam tortor. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

University Projects

Eolymp tasks

Web Essentials tasks